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by S.T. Paxton

This past March 30, 2012, Ira Flatow on NPR’s Science Friday hosted a session entitled “No Joke, Science is a Laughing Matter”.  Ira was joined by Steve Mirsky, Scientific American’s editor and Brian Malow, science comedian and freelance video correspondent with Time Magazine.  Listener’s were encouraged to phone-in some of their favorite “science-related” jokes.  Some of the jokes from the audience were pretty good…:), other jokes, well, I think you had to be there!  That is, you sometimes need to be intimately familiar with a given technical area  to appreciate the jests.  Some of the humor was simply a play on words, so familiarity with the technical-area vocabularly is a must.  A good time was had by all (by the way)!

The podcast is available if you are interested (in the upper left corner of the page associated with this link). 

Do you have some geoscience humor that you would like to contribute to our page?  If so, please contact us by leaving a comment here or sending an email! (

Below are a few contributions from geology colleague Debra Higley.  While not geologizing, Debra is an artist in her own right (since the age of about 3).  A series of her cartoons have appeared in the Outcrop, a monthly publication by the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.

Following are a few of her contributions: 

…with permission from D. Higley.



 Juxtaposition of climatic settings...!




Draft – Subject to Revision
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